Amran Nawaz


Mr. Nawaz specializes in the preparation of business valuation and economic damage quantification for commercial litigation and international arbitration. His work typically involves financial damages assignments, fraud investigations, dispute analyses, and litigation support.

Since 2018, Mr. Nawaz has provided valuation services in the context of international arbitrations, commercial litigation, tax assessments, mergers and acquisitions, and internal business purposes. He has prepared expert opinions on valuation and economic damages issues in many continents, spanning multiple industry groups.

Mr. Nawaz is an instructor for the CBV Institute course “Litigation Support in Business Valuation.” This course covers topics such as the quantification of economic damages, the role of a valuation expert in the litigation process, expropriation matters, and matrimonial and personal injury disputes. He previously taught several university courses related to accounting and finance.

Mr. Nawaz has previously acted as an external auditor, financial consultant, and tax advisor for private and public companies. He has written several articles on economic damages, business valuation, and sports finances. He has also delivered and participated in various knowledge-sharing events for law firms, educational institutions, professional associations, and at the Court of Arbitration for Sports.

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