Insights and ingenuity to address complex construction challenges.

The construction sector is one of the most complex industries in today’s global economy, fraught with opportunities and risks. Today, technological innovations, environmental concerns, and complex regulations continue to redefine the industry, and construction projects are rapidly becoming more capital intensive, riskier, and increasingly sophisticated.

Secretariat is a leading global provider of construction expert and advisory services to public and private owners, contractors, real estate developers, investors and lenders, architects, engineers, contractors, and their counsel around the world. Our professionals bring extensive knowledge, insight, and proven abilities to assist clients with strategic planning, real estate analysis, program risk management, compliance monitoring, project management, construction scheduling, construction auditing, cost accounting, project controls, business process improvements, and dispute resolution.

As engineers, project managers, architects, schedulers and accountants, we work together to bring our collective decades of experience to the table in a cohesive and effective manner. Our breadth of professional disciplines provides the aptitude necessary to understand and unpack the nuances of what can derail projects and lead to complicated disputes. We are recognized globally for the expertise, independence, and rigor we bring to every situation while also being praised for the clear and concise manner in which we convey complex analyses. As independent experts, we have extensive experience working with owners, contractors, designers, governmental agencies, and law firms across the world.

Featured Person

Liam Holder

Managing Director

Mr. Holder specializes in the valuation of complex claims involving valuation and measurement, delay, disruption, variations, defective works, and termination claims. He has worked in a variety of sectors on projects in the United Kingdom, across mainland Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, South America, Australia, and the Caribbean. He has more than 30 years of experience on major international construction and engineering projects and is regularly appointed as a quantum expert on large international projects.