Securities & Finance

At Secretariat, our adept Securities and Finance professionals craft pragmatic strategies and rigorous financial and economic analyses tailored for law firms, financial institutions, corporations, and government agencies enmeshed in consequential legal battles.

Providing Advice & Support for Financial and Securities Litigations

Secretariat is a trailblazer in applying contemporary financial theory to a broad spectrum of securities-related issues and financial disputes. We are highly regarded for our use of sophisticated and widely accepted statistical methodologies within financial and securities litigation and for the kind of comprehensive understanding of financial markets required in resolving disputes.

Our team of economists and securities experts regularly provides advisory services, litigation support, and expert testimony in complex securities and financial litigation, presenting clear and understandable analyses of market efficiency, causation, materiality, class certification, and damages. We effectively address intricate matters ranging from securities, structured finance, and derivatives to valuation, contract disputes, and consumer finance. Our evidence-driven, quantitative analysis, characterized by their rigorous methodologies, hold up to even the closest scrutiny.

Our expertise also extends to tax litigation, where we advise clients and provide testimony on matters encompassing economic impacts, economic substance, risk management, transfer pricing, and valuation.

The scope of challenges our clients have faced

Secretariat has assisted clients in a myriad of business, financial, and securities-related challenges, including the following and more:

  • Interest rate manipulation
  • Mortgage-backed securities violations
  • High-frequency trading
  • Mutual fund market timing
  • Options backdating
  • IPO allocations
  • Contested mergers
  • Class action litigation brought under both securities laws and ERISA
  • Securities fraud
  • Insider trading
  • Market manipulation

Collaboration and communication: keys to a successful resolution

The cornerstone of our methodology is ongoing and profound collaboration among experts and with our clients. Experts from various segments of Secretariat’s practice, whose unique knowledge and experience provide both insight and value, team when necessary with highly regarded external experts in various research and analytical disciplines who enhance the service we provide to clients. By fostering an environment of constant and transparent communication, we develop and execute creative and compelling solutions to our clients’ litigation challenges based on a thorough grasp of their business imperatives and objectives.

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Antitrust & Competition

Courts and regulatory authorities around the world rely on our economic analysis to formulate and apply competition law.

Auctions & Bargaining

From airwave spectrum rights to mineral rights and more, markets today depend on auctions, and potential bidders in these high-stakes auctions rely on sophisticated analysis and expert guidance to be successful.

Class Actions

The ability to gather and distill the volumes of data often underlying a class action – and present a clear and meaningful analysis to courts, regulators, and others – is fundamental to Secretariat’s expertise.

Construction Delay

When projects are delayed, owners, contractors, designers, insurers, governmental agencies, and law firms across the globe trust Secretariat’s leading experts to provide their independent and rigorous analysis to help avoid, pursue, or defend costly disputes. Secretariat stands apart in how we articulate clear and concise opinions for even the most complex analyses.

Construction Quantum

Assessing the cost impacts and complex challenges of major international construction and engineering projects requires unique experience and knowledge. No team excels in this arena like Secretariat.

Damages & Valuations

With proven skills in complex cases and exceptional strength in analytics, Secretariat experts provided extensive guidance on domestic and international matters involving commercial damages and disputes.

Data Analytics & Strategy

Secretariat’s experts and advisors address complex data challenges involved in disputes, investigations, and litigation.

Digital Forensics & eDiscovery

Our industry-leading expertise in digital forensics and eDiscovery delivers thorough analysis and seamless solutions for data-intensive legal and investigative needs.

Forensic Accounting

Secretariat’s highly experienced forensic accounting experts uncover financial misconduct and help resolve disputes with the investigative techniques necessary to analyze complex financial data, trace assets, and provide comprehensive reports and expert testimony, ensuring swift action with effective communication.

Intellectual Property

Secretariat’s experts have an unparalleled depth of experience providing analysis, opinions, and testimony in high-stakes patent litigation, proceedings at the International Trade Commission, and strategic advisory engagements. Our expertise in patents extends beyond litigation and disputes, to advising clients on licensing negotiations, valuation, patent monetization strategies, product forecasting, and launch analyses.

International Arbitration

Continuously ranked at the top of Global Arbitration Review’s Expert Witness Firms’ Power Index, Secretariat’s experts have a long history of providing the kind of insightful, objective analysis and highly persuasive testimony trusted in some of the highest value arbitrations across the globe.

Investigations & Compliance

Suspicions or allegations of corporate misdeeds can cause tremendous harm and disruption to any organization. At Secretariat, our decades of experience drilling down to the facts can provide the confidence to know risks can be managed and challenges addressed and overcome.

Labor & Employment

Parties in labor and employment disputes – in cases brought by individuals or as class actions – depend on independent and verifiable economic analyses to support their positions. The experts at Secretariat have decades of experience analyzing claims, valuing damages, and turning large volumes of data into litigation support that clients and courts can readily understand and trust.

Mergers & Acquisitions

M&A transactions are among the most complex business activities from every perspective: financial, competitive, regulatory, and beyond. The bigger the parties, the more exponentially complex the transactions. From providing objective valuations and economic clarity to helping clients navigate regulatory investigations, Secretariat has a long history of advising both buyers and sellers in many industries in the U.S. and across the globe in some of the largest and most complex M&A transactions.

Regulatory & Public Policy

From telecommunications to energy issues, Secretariat’s economists and experts regularly advise companies and individuals navigating the world of complex regulations, enforcement, and rule-making.

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