Navigating Complex Strategic Issues in the Dynamic Technology Sector

The technology sector is broad, complex, and a critical driver of economic growth. It is central to the performance of businesses and the well-being of our global population. Secretariat’s work in technology spans a spectrum of products and services, from mobile devices to medical devices, artificial intelligence to robotics, and semiconductors to software. The dynamism of the technology sector presents fascinating strategic opportunities and risks involving competition, intellectual property, data security, and privacy—all challenges that Secretariat’s integrated expert teams are well positioned to address.

Understanding the facts and economics of competition

The technology sector is a source of some of the most important and challenging antitrust investigations and litigations. Disputes over alleged anticompetitive licensing programs, access to technology, and so-called patent thickets often arise as firms battle for competitive advantages in these markets. Similarly, litigation involving platforms (e.g., social media, app distribution) invokes complex economic issues around market definition, competitive impact, and less restrictive alternatives. Secretariat’s experts have been retained to provide analysis and expert testimony in some of the highest profile and most complex antitrust cases in the technology space.

Analyzing the sources of innovation

The technology sector is at the heart of many intellectual property disputes. Our experts routinely evaluate allegations of patent infringement, copyright infringement, and misappropriation of trade secrets. These complex matters often involve damages claims, requests for injunctive relief, and other remedies that arise in controverted settings. Secretariat’s experts have provided analysis, opinions, and expert testimony in some of the largest and most complex intellectual property disputes in the technology industry.

Providing analysis and insights to drive competitive advantage

Secretariat’s technology expertise extends beyond litigation and disputes. Our experts bring the same sophisticated and rigorous analysis to advising clients on licensing negotiations, valuation, patent monetization strategies, product forecasting, and launch analyses. Indeed, our analytical expertise in econometrics and predictive modeling provides our clients with an edge over the competition.

Featured Person

Aminta Raffalovich

Managing Director

Ms. Raffalovich specializes in the economics of technology and innovation. Known for her “independence of thought” and “sophistication of skill,” she serves as a trusted advisor and economic expert in complex commercial litigation and disputes.