Insights and ingenuity to address challenges across the healthcare continuum.

Prevention, treatment, and management of illness and enhancement of mental and physical well-being are priorities for individual, payors, and providers in the healthcare sector. They are increasingly challenged by operational and regulatory demands, corresponding higher risks of compliance, and pressures for fundamental realignment and improved value.

Secretariat combines in-depth industry knowledge and cutting-edge analytics to evaluate issues being litigated and debated in the healthcare sector. Our industry knowledge enables us to explain, for example, the nuances of provider reimbursement or the patient incentives created by high deductible health insurance plans, and our economic, statistical, accounting, investigative, and finance skills—as well as our familiarity with key healthcare datasets—equips Secretariat to provide rigorous, defensible analyses tailored to the specific facts of a litigation or regulatory dispute.

Our experts have broad and deep experience in the healthcare sector including hospitals, physician practices, health insurance and health benefit plans, ACOs, PBMs, wholesalers, pharmacies, pharmaceuticals and biologicals, medical devices, clinical laboratories, dialysis facilities, ambulance transport, nursing homes, and home healthcare.

Featured Person

Jéssica Dutra


Dr. Dutra works on issues involving antitrust, competition, and merger cases in various countries and industries.