Technology, Media, & Telecommunications

Navigating uncertainty and opportunity in tech, media, and communications.

Today’s technology, media, and communications sectors are enjoy substantial economic opportunities, but they also face formidable risks. Significant public interest and regulatory oversight add an extra layer of complexity to the challenges, with ever-changing consumer behaviors, rapid product development life cycles, technology convergence, and rapidly evolving value-chains.

Secretariat provides advisory and expert services to a wide range of participants in the sector. Our experts work with industry players, their counsel, governments, and regulators across the world, providing insight and robust, independent analysis. We tailor our services to each client’s specific requirements, applying our deep industry experience and advanced economic and analytical skills to effectively address the regulatory, business, and policy issues they face.

Today’s uncertain economic and financial environment means that it is more important than ever to conduct thorough and sophisticated analysis to understand different possible market outcomes and manage risk through foresight and insight. Our independence and rigor add confidence to complex board decisions, credibility to regulatory submissions, and authority to expert opinions.

Featured Person

Aminta Raffalovich

Managing Director

Ms. Raffalovich specializes in the economics of technology and innovation. Known for her “independence of thought” and “sophistication of skill,” she serves as a trusted advisor and economic expert in complex commercial litigation and disputes.