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A rewarding career above all

There are a lot of fine consulting firms out there. But when everything is on the line, it takes a unique combination of skill and savvy to succeed under pressure.

Our culture and people are driven by passion, pride, and performance. Passion for the clients we serve, the work we deliver, and the communities we live in. Pride in our cohesive team recognized for excellence and trusted to perform in the most challenging situations. And our track record of outstanding performance across all of our disciplines speaks for itself.

Our people are motivated to be the best in everything they do – from our approach to making the complex simple to the way we mentor our up-and-coming talent to become trusted experts early in their careers.

Our Core Beliefs

Our professionals are guided by a shared set of values. We hold steadfast to our principles—to attract clients and employees who share our core beliefs.

“From Day One, Secretariat has excelled as a different kind of firm. We are home to some of the most respected experts in the world today. But what really sets us apart has been our ability to stay true to enduring principles that make us successful: integrity, quality, and objectivity.”

Don Harvey
Founder & Managing Director

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