Life Sciences

Best-in-Class Expertise and Advisory Services in the Vital Life Sciences Sector

Secretariat provides industry-leading testifying, consulting, and data analytics expertise in the life sciences. Our expertise is particularly well-suited for addressing the unique nature of the life sciences marketplace, including issues relating to innovation and regulatory approval, pricing and reimbursement, competition, and managing large, complex data sets. Our experts have decades of industry and academic experience in examining economic-related issues relating to small molecule and biologic pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and other products routinely used in healthcare. They have testified on issues relating to both liability and damages on behalf of private firms, government agencies, and state attorneys general.

Our areas of expertise in the life sciences include:

  • Antitrust and mergers: Our experts have testified on issues relating to liability, market definition, and damages in antitrust litigation. They have also worked on behalf of the Federal Trade Commission or private firms on mergers, including presentations, submissions of white papers, and second requests.
  • Intellectual property: Our experts have testified in a wide range of cases involving patent infringement and validity, preliminary and permanent injunctions, damages, reasonable royalties, commercial success, and trade secret misappropriation.
  • Class certification: Our experts have testified and consulted on issues relating to class certification. Our experience has helped address some of the more challenging questions that are specific to life sciences in meeting class certification thresholds for ascertainability, numerosity, and commonality.
  • Commercial disputes: Our experts have testified and consulted on a wide range of issues relating to commercial disputes including damages from breach of contract and fraud, asset valuation, and economic assessments of commercial reasonableness and success.
  • Government investigations and litigation: Our experts have testified and consulted on Department of Justice investigations and litigation associated with allegations of false claims or kickbacks. We have also testified on matters involving tax liability and transfer pricing.
  • Opioid litigation and other mass torts: Our experts have testified and consulted on mass tort litigation, leveraging our deep expertise in big data processing and assessment, econometric analysis, and epidemiological models. Recently we have testified on issues relating to opioid marketing, distribution, and dispensing.
Featured Person

Stephanie Khoury


Dr. Khoury has expertise in applied microeconomics, health economics, public economics, labor economics, and econometrics. Dr. Khoury applies her expertise to consulting and high-stakes litigation cases including in the areas of intellectual property (patent, trade secrets, trademark), antitrust and competition, breach of contract, and labor (wage and hour, discrimination).