Oil & Gas

Unlocking value and resolving disputes in the oil & gas sector.

Oil and gas companies operate in an ever-changing financial, competitive, and regulatory environment. Conflicting legal and regulatory frameworks, pervasive contractual disputes, and market volatility all create both enormous challenges and opportunities to the industry and its businesses.

Disputes often arise over royalties, lease agreements, sales contracts, commodity prices, valuation of oil and gas assets, aging refining assets, expansion of pipeline infrastructures, environmental issues, pipeline rate challenges and increased regulatory involvement.

To help clients around the world identify underlying causes of disputes, our professionals leverage their considerable experience in economics, finance and operations within the oil and gas industry. We deliver privileged consulting engagements and expert witness testimony, drawing on our firm’s industry knowledge base and computing power to examine large data sets and discover information that may be useful to our clients in defending their positions.

Featured Person

Jennifer Hatten


Ms. Hatten is a forensic schedule delay and quantum expert. She analyzes and quantifies schedule delays, disruption and acceleration impacts, and performs various types of forensic schedule analysis. Her expertise includes working in oil & gas, pipelines, infrastructure/highways, commercial high-rise, and hospitality. Ms. Hatten also quantifies damages associated with productivity, construction defects, changes in work, and other issues and impacts.