Savita Nair

Associate Director

Ms. Nair has over 16 years of experience as a forensic accountant and crisis consultant, assisting clients with sensitive situations involving fraud, bribery, misappropriation, money laundering, corruption, and other regulatory or policy breaches. She has been involved in dispute resolution involving commercial, investor state (BIT), in various forums including arbitration, litigation and mediation.

Savita Nair is a forensic accounting professional with experience in managing corporate investigations, business intelligence projects, and litigation support for multinational corporations, private equity, and law firms, in Asia-Pacific and North America. Ms. Nair has led international teams on complex, multi-jurisdictional investigations, applying her expertise in accounting standards, regulatory requirements, and investigative techniques.

Ms. Nair experience includes risk consulting, project management, strategic advisory, and organizational development. Before joining Secretariat, she was part of the core team that set up operations of two global consulting firms in India and managed project teams handling research, discreet inquiries, forensic accounting, and e-discovery streams of work in South Asia. She has worked on internal and regulatory investigations involving financial and accounting fraud, corruption and bribery allegations, intellectual property / trademark infringements, and other malfeasance.

Ms. Nair worked with a global medical devices firm, where she identified and prioritized short and long-term barriers to market development. Subsequently, she worked closely with business units to devise and drive strategic initiatives to overcome barriers and increase company’s market penetration.

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