Molly Schenck

Associate Director

Ms. Schenck deeply understands the construction industry and applies her hands-on knowledge of project controls and management from her on-site project experience. Her expertise extends to healthcare and commercial buildings, oil & gas, and industrial water and wastewater.

Molly Schenck has significant practical knowledge and hands-on experience on construction projects, specifically advising clients on cost, schedule, and disputes. Ms. Schenck provides a unique perspective based on her prior work as a contractor and owner’s representative. Her experiences from both roles provide an essential understanding and view of the issues, events, and conditions that can impact construction projects’ planned budget, schedule, and productivity and the project controls and documentation used to track and evaluate these impacts.

As an owner’s representative, Ms. Schenck was responsible for project costs, reporting, and document management on large healthcare projects. She has been involved in projects throughout the United States.

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