Madhumita Akhuli


Ms. Akhuli has over 10 years of experience in engineering and construction industry. She specializes in construction claim evaluation, forensic schedule analysis, disruption, and loss of productivity.

Madhumita Akhuli has experience in construction claim evaluation and dispute resolution in various construction sectors including oil & gas, energy, healthcare, education, transportation, commercial residential, pipeline and others. Ms. Akhuli provides services for claim preparation, claim management and construction delay analyses.

Ms. Akhuli performs various types of schedule analysis including time impact, contemporaneous Period analysis, As-Planned vs As-Built schedule analysis etc. Ms. Akhuli also specializes in quantifying disruption impacts, change order analysis, construction defects and productivity related damages.

Before joining in the construction consulting industry, Ms. Akhuli worked as a structural engineer on several marine structures in oil and gas projects. She was responsible for providing design supports, reviewing drawings, reporting project progress, and preparing project schedules.

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