Lizette Martinez

Managing Director

Ms. Martinez has more than 23 years of experience in economic damages and forensic accounting, construction and government contracts, and fraud and false claims. Her expertise includes bankruptcy and business valuations, FCPA investigations, financial consulting, and disputes.

Lizette Martinez has more than 23 years of experience in accounting, business, and litigation consulting. Her work includes consulting services on bankruptcy, commercial litigation, forensic investigations, government contracts, construction, higher education, entertainment, international arbitrations, and financial services.

She has deep experience analyzing claims and disputes involving cost impacts, fraudulent expense transactions, economic damages, and breach of contract damages. Ms. Martinez has analyzed and quantified lost or diminished product sales and other lost revenue, loss of business value, diminution of future revenue prospects, increased costs, avoided costs, cost of capital, stock price fluctuations based on market conditions, and costs or losses associated with mitigation efforts. Ms. Martinez’s forensic investigation capabilities include thorough and thoughtful analyses of relevant documentation, interviews with key personnel, assessment of contractual obligations, and internal management analyses.

She has provided business and litigation consulting services for clients in various industries, including financial services, transportation, telecommunications, construction, entertainment, aviation, pharmaceutical, oil & gas, and electric utilities.

Ms. Martinez is a native Spanish speaker.

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