Kyle Dalrymple


Mr. Dalrymple brings his expertise in financial and misconduct investigations, economic damages, and forensic accounting. His clients turn to him for construction and government contracts and monitor support.

Kyle Dalrymple has extensive experience in evaluating, reviewing, and preparing claims related to commercial damages in numerous industries. He has assisted clients and analyzed claims on matters involving lost profits, increased costs, loss of value, business disputes, and professional negligence. Mr. Dalrymple has experience performing forensic accounting investigations and funds tracing analyses related to financial fraud and misconduct allegations. His experience spans multiple industries: financial services, construction, government contracts, real estate, mortgage banking, oil & gas, renewable energy, and insurance. 

Mr. Dalrymple has also assisted court-appointed Monitors in providing independent, high-quality monitor support services. He has assisted monitorships to ensure that organizations comply with settlement agreements or other court mandates by verifying that internal audit processes are working effectively and helping prevent or detect compliance issues. 

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