Kevin Maxson


Mr. Maxson provides analysis to support experts for a wide variety of disputes, valuations, and forensic accounting matters, specializing in intellectual property disputes.

Mr. Maxson has five years of professional experience consulting for various litigation and non-litigation related matters. He has managed teams to support testifying expert witnesses in preparing expert reports and providing testimony in multiple trials in federal courts and in arbitrations. He has extensive experience in intellectual property disputes and providing financial analysis and complex modeling to support clients in calculating damages. He has assessed lost profits and reasonable royalties across multiple industries including pharmaceuticals, medical devices, software, consumer products, financial services, and manufacturing.

Additionally, Mr. Maxson has provided consulting services in forensic accounting investigations, regulatory matters, and general accounting matters. He has assisted in conducting complex investigations related to accounting irregularities and whistleblower allegations on behalf of companies, shareholders, and boards.

Mr. Maxson is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) licensed in Illinois.

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