Jennifer Light


Ms. Light has more than 10 years of experience in the construction, civil engineering, project management, and scheduling industries. Ms. Light specializes in construction scheduling, forensic delay and disruption analysis, and construction claims.

Jennifer Light has over a decade of experience in construction related industries. She specializes in delay and disruption analysis, construction project management, Critical Path Method scheduling, and civil engineering design. Ms. Light has consulted on a variety of projects including transportation (airports, railways, canals), oil & gas facilities and pipelines, building construction, infrastructure, residential construction, and data center facilities.

Ms. Light’s previous experience as a civil engineer, owner’s representative, and construction project manager for the US Government provides a strong foundation for reviewing project schedules, technical requirements and analyzing delays. During that time, Ms. Light performed civil engineering design work, led engineering review teams, and provided coordination, oversight and construction management for overseas projects.

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