Jeffrey P. Hart


Mr. Hart is a forensic accountant and damages expert with over 16 years of experience advising client and their counsel in the areas of forensic accounting, business valuation, economic damages and financial fraud.

Jeff Hart has extensive experience advising clients and managing engagement teams in the areas of forensic accounting, valuation, economic damages and financial fraud in connection with a wide array of complex financial disputes and investigations. His areas of expertise include forensic accounting and fraud investigations, post-acquisition disputes, commercial damages analyses, and business valuation disputes.

  • Forensic accounting and fraud investigation experience includes performing board and counsel-led investigations related to allegations of fraudulent financial reporting, asset misappropriation, improper payments made to procure contracts, overbilling of government entities, fraudulent transfers, and Ponzi schemes, among other investigations.
  • Post-acquisition dispute experience includes buyer/seller litigation, representations and warranties insurance claims, working capital disputes, earnout disputes, and claw back disputes. He has also worked as a neutral accountant on post-acquisition disputes.
  • Commercial damages experience includes calculating lost profits, unjust enrichment, diminution in business value, and lost investment opportunity damages related to allegations of breach of contract, misappropriation of trade secrets and other alleged unlawful activities.
  • Business valuation experience includes performing valuations in conjunction with partnership and shareholder disputes.

Mr. Hart has also provided expert testimony on the topics of business valuation and economic damages.

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