Cody Crawford

Associate Director

Mr. Crawford has experience analyzing engineering, construction, and operations issues on capital projects across multiple sectors over the last decade, specializing in damage quantifications, schedule delay assessments, and project management standard of care evaluations.

Cody Crawford has extensive domestic and international experience involving engineering, construction, and operations of facilities and infrastructure. His experience includes capital projects in a variety of industries, such as upstream oil and gas facilities, pipelines, refineries, gas processing plants, LNG terminals, power plants, bridges, diversion dams, water treatment facilities, manufacturing plants, sports complexes, hotels, hospitals, and various other developments.

Mr. Crawford has assessed construction claims valued from $2 million to over $1 billion related to schedule delays, labor productivity, cost overruns, design changes, construction defects, contractor terminations, project acceleration, deductive change orders, back charges, differing site conditions, and other project changes. He analyzes project documents—such as contractual scope of work requirements, project specifications, and project controls data—to determine causation, analyze schedule delays, and quantify damages for claims.

Mr. Crawford has been designated as an independent expert in multiple district courts and has provided litigation testimony.

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