Brian Triche

Managing Director

Mr. Triche provides expert analysis on quantifying schedule delays and cost overruns in energy and construction. His work typically involves project scheduling and cost monitoring, focusing on oil & gas, pipeline, energy, and the chemical industry.

Brian Triche has more than 20 years of construction experience, advising and consulting clients in the engineering and construction industry. Mr. Triche has consulted with owners, contractors, and other professionals on virtually every type of major construction project. He primarily focuses on oil & gas, pipeline, energy, and chemical industry.

He has extensive experience in North and South America and specializes in analyzing and developing construction claims. These claims involve late and excessive changes, deficient drawings and specifications, differing site conditions, interferences, and schedule delays. His litigation support and expert services include analyzing schedules and labor productivity, assessing entitlement to damages, and quantifying damages using the measured mile, modified total cost, and discrete cost analysis.

Mr. Triche also assists clients in the early stages of construction projects and provides advice and support on change management and monitoring project schedules and costs.

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