Secretariat Ranks No. 2 on Who’s Who Legal’s Arbitration 2023 Expert Witness List

December 9, 2022

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We are proud to celebrate the hard work and unparalleled talents of our global team that has resulted in the firm earning the No. 2 ranking in Who’s Who Legal‘s Arbitration 2023 Expert Witnesses list, up from No. 3 last year. The list features firms and experts who have distinguished themselves as industry leaders based on their independence, sharp testifying skills, clear communications, and meticulous analytical insights.

We would like to congratulate our 32 professionals who have earned recognition in this distinguished ranking. This includes eight Global Elite Thought Leaders – a designation reserved for the best of the best and earned by less than five percent of practitioners in WWL’s rankings. It also includes eight Future Leaders who are the preeminent names of the next generation of industry leaders.

Learn what industry peers have to say about our ranked professionals as shared with Who’s Who Legal.


  • Mike Allen is a legend of the arbitration market, recognised as “a very practical and excellent” expert who is “very through and produces work that is highly persuasive.”
  • Amit Garg is an expert who “knows the case history like the back of his hand” and is “precise and extremely clear on the stand.”
  • Liam Holder is a top-tier expert who “works hard to understand a case to its full extent” and “his reports are well written and highly professional.”
  • Chris Milburn comes highly recommended by sources, who say he is “a reliable and persuasive expert witness” who is “careful, does not overstate his evidence, and is reasonable in his positions.”
  • Howard Rosen takes a spot among the world’s leading arbitration experts, with commentators reporting that he is “my go-to expert” and “has strong expertise in anything involving energy or mining.”
  • “Go-to delay expert” Mike Saulsbury is operating at “the top of his game” in the UAE, comment sources, who point to his “excellent attention to detail” as a key strength.
  • Kiran Sequeira “stands out for his strategic analysis and performance under cross-examination”, with commentators confirming he is “truly excellent.”
  • Matthew Shopp “adds serious value to any matter he handles” with sources saying “his attention to detail, and his ability to convey to lawyers and tribunals complex valuation theories and approaches in a digestible and intelligible manner, are among the very best I have seen.”


  • Kagan Aktas draws widespread praise for his “excellent oral communication skills” and his “ability to clearly and concisely communicate technically difficult information.”
  • Paul Baez “works very hard and is willing to roll-up his sleeves and get out on the field to understand the cases and the businesses for which he provides valuation” and “is very knowledgeable, proactive and responsive.”
  • Conrad Bromley “is diligent and thorough in his work” and “has lots of experience in the region and in disputes involving projects and infrastructure.”
  • Stuart Dekker impresses market commentators who praise his “impressive grasp of complex materials and highly technical issues” and his “sharp and diligent mind.”
  • Julius Koo comes highly recommended this year with peers commended his “smart, quick and hardworking” approach and stating he is “very good and pleasant to work with.”
  • Joe Skilton “is very quick on the uptake and has excellent drafting skills” and “very thorough and intelligent.”
  • Eddie Tobis “has an impressive knowledge of international law damages principles” and “his work ethic is hard to fault.”
  • Stephanie Tombling “has superb attention to detail” and “The quality of her work is excellent.”


  • Chaitanya Arora “offers great strategic advice” to clients and “has a real gift for being able to simplify what would otherwise be fairly complex mathematical calculations”.
  • Drew Baiter “has a keen mind and is able to break down complex issues into their basic components” and “produces excellent work.”
  • Don Harvey is described by sources as “a star performer” and “one of the best-known delay experts” currently practising.
  • Terry Hawkins “is highly professional, analytically strong and always provides solid advice” and “clients absolutely love him.”
  • Mrinal Jain “epitomises independence, ethics and values in his work” and his “contribution to the international arbitration practice is noteworthy.”
  • Mehmet Karakoc “combines powerful cognitive skills with outstanding performance on the witness stand” and “Mehmet’s expertise in construction cases is second to none.”
  • Mike Kling “leads the market” and “is highly recommended as a quantum expert.”
  • Alexandre Rivière receives considerable recognition for his work as an expert, with sources saying they are “impressed by his responsiveness, efficiency and broad knowledge.”
  • Paul Roberts “is fantastic at handling complex quantum matters” and “is very experienced and reliable.”
  • Garret Rush “sits amongst the leading damages experts” and “is a true problem solver.”
  • Ted Scott “handles analysis quickly and accurately” and is appreciated as an expert who “produces fantastic reports” for clients.
  • Almir Smajlovic “brings a holistic approach to clients’ cases” and “He has strong international testifying experience, making him a top choice for cases in the South-Eastern Europe region.”
  • George Taft “is articulate and authoritative and also very attentive” and “very sensible and pragmatic.”
  • Mark Taylor enjoys a formidable reputation in the arbitration market, and is lauded as “an excellent and impressive expert” whose “expertise is highly regarded.”
  • Travis Taylor is “very articulate and can explain his choices concisely” and “has the capacity to think outside of the box”, say sources.
  • Meera Wagman is describes as, “extremely bright and practical” with sources saying, “I would not hesitate to recommend.”


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