Managing Director Dr. Richard Manning Publishes Comment to FTC

July 8, 2021

In response to the Federal Trade Commission’s Multilateral Pharmaceutical Merger Task Force Request for Public Comment on competition and merger analysis, Intensity, LLC* was one of 46 comments to be featured by the government taskforce. Managing Director Richard Manning, Ph.D., collaborated with fellow economists Kira Stearns, Ph.D., Kyle Kost, Ph.D., and Richard Brady, Ph.D., to address pricing concerns in the industry.

To download and read the full comment posted by the FTC, please click on the following link: Comment to Multilateral Pharmaceutical Task Force.

*The comment is in response to the Multilateral Pharmaceutical Task Force’s Request for Public Comment. The views expressed therein represent those of the authors and not those of Secretariat or of any other members of the firm. Intensity, LLC was acquired by Secretariat in February 2023.

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