Jury awards $6.75 per unit for LG Electronics’ patent infringement, exact amount testified to by Intensity expert

July 19, 2023

Dr. Ryan Sullivan of Intensity, a Secretariat company, provided trial testimony on behalf of Constellation Designs in patent infringement litigation involving television receiver technology.

Intensity worked with Caldwell Cassady & Curry on behalf of Constellation Designs in patent litigation alleging four patents were infringed by LG Electronics’ televisions. The patents at issue cover elements of the emerging Advanced Television Systems standards for television broadcasts. The jury awarded damages of $6.75 per unit for each infringing television, the exact amount testified to by Dr. Sullivan.

During its work, Intensity evaluated the economic benefits of the patented technology to LG Electronics. Intensity performed a market approach analysis utilizing prior market transactions to determine a reasonable royalty for the infringement by LG Electronics. Intensity determined a reasonable royalty per unit for infringing products that LG has sold to date.

Dr. Ryan Sullivan submitted a report and provided expert testimony at deposition and at trial. Dr. Sullivan’s work was supported by Managing Director Aminta Raffalovich, Vice President Anushree Subramaniam, Vice President Jennifer Rosendin, Economist Ryan Sherrard, Associate Alex Gisquet, and Analyst Isaiah Kline.

Following a five-day trial in the Eastern District of Texas, the jury delivered a verdict in favor of Constellation with a damages award in the exact amount testified to by Dr. Sullivan.

The patents at issue were U.S. Patent Nos. 8,842,761, 10,693,700, 11,019,509, and 11,018,922.

Law360 (subscription may be required) coverage may be found here.

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