Rob Hutchins

Rob Hutchins

Education &
Professional Associations

Bachelor of Science, Accounting Georgetown University

Professional Associations
Certified Public Accountant, License in Georgia
Certified in Financial Forensics
Chartered Global Management Accountant

Rob Hutchins

Mr. Hutchins is a Managing Director with Secretariat and is based in Atlanta.  He has been consulting with private and government clients and counsel on financial, accounting and economic issues for over 20 years.  Mr. Hutchins has extensive experience analyzing economic damages and leading forensic accounting investigations and has testified numerous times at deposition and trial.

Mr. Hutchins’ damages related experience includes providing economic consulting and expert witness services to clients involved in both general commercial litigation matters and intellectual property disputes such as patent infringement, trademark infringement and trade secrets misappropriation.  Mr. Hutchins’ investigative work has typically involved evaluating allegations of either financial fraud (e.g., asset misappropriation), or financial reporting irregularities (e.g., earnings management and revenue recognition).

Mr. Hutchins graduated from Georgetown University and his professional certifications include: (1) Certified Public Accountant, (2) Certified in Financial Forensics, (3) Accredited in Business Valuation and (4) Chartered Global Management Accountant.  General examples of Mr. Hutchins’ litigation support experience include:

  • Serving as the damages expert and consulting expert in multiple patent infringement disputes in the audio equipment, computer, housing, medical devices, and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Serving as the damages expert and consulting expert in multiple trademark infringement matters in the medical devices, oil and gas, telecommunications and water infrastructure industries.
  • Serving as the damages expert and consulting expert on multiple trade secret misappropriation engagements in the agriculture, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries.
  • Serving as the damages expert and consulting expert in numerous breach of contract disputes in the educational, entertainment, fast food, financial services, packaging, pharmaceutical and toy industries.
  • Serving as the damages consulting expert in a $40 billion securities class action that alleged the bailout of a financial services firm by the U.S. government involved an unconstitutional taking of shareholders’ equity in violation of the fifth amendment of the U.S. Constitution.
  • Assisting on an FDIC engagement involving the failure of a multibillion dollar (US$) bank and the resulting bankruptcy of its former holding company.
  • Serving as the lead forensic accountant in an investigation into a multibillion dollar (US$) fraud perpetrated by the largest independent mortgage company in the country, which led to its failure and the seizure of a multibillion dollar (US$) commercial bank.
  • Serving as the lead forensic accountant in multiple investigations in the financial services industry involving accounting for loan loss reserves, investment losses and allegations of earnings management.